Who We Are


Pojok Corner Antique  is a classic wooden house manufacturing company working on markets in Bali and other cities ... starting from a small town in Tuban, East Java, our journey began when we started in 1 July 2012 as we traveled from village to village in Tuban area of ​​East Java to Central Java. We were naturally inspired after completing the small villa development project in Bali's canggu area. Soon we realized our passion for doing business in classic wooden house construction was getting stronger ... that we liked designing and making wooden houses, taking on design especially classic wooden houses like gladak, joglo, limasan and recreating it with recyle wood or wood blend such as Ulin, Bengkirai, or others.

That's when Pojok Corner Antique was born. We soon realized that Pojok Antique Corner was not just for me personally, but more for the people around us.

To expand our production we rented 1500 m2 of land for our factory, to expand our product line. To develop our market, is a natural development of this small business into a company with international quality projects. From Tuban to Bali, we have the best line of business. We have an established network ... added inspiration to the beautiful culture and art of Java, Bali and their western artistic skill as wooden house or furniture maker, we collaborate to make the most desirable work.

We follow this journey and where to bring the flow.

"Whoever is really going to succeed, who will be patient will be lucky, and whoever walks on his path will arrive".

"Life is a bold adventure or nothing." - Helen Keller

We are committed to our community and relationships like a family. We connect everyday with people around the world who are investing in Bali that encourage, inspire and motivate us to be better, and to share our passion and creativity.

Thank you for taking this trip with us.